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Naming some of our clients...


Client's Raves...

Cheryl Ho
Head HR


"Bridge ICD's workshops are transformative! Each session blends practical skills with engaging activities, led by passionate facilitators. Our staff gained confidence in communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence. The emphasis on real-world application ensures immediate impact in both personal and professional life.


If you're seeking effective skills development, Bridge ICD is the answer."

Jeffrey Quah
Group HR Director


"Bridge ICD has been Paramount’s preferred training partner for many years. Whether classroom or virtual training, we are assured of quality and effective delivery by its experienced trainers. Through their strong commitment to engagement, effectiveness, and empowerment, they have not only equipped participants with the skills to thrive but have also inspired lasting change.


I highly recommend them for staff competency and behavioral development initiatives."

Janet Chin


"I have always enjoyed training programmes organised by Bridge.  They will  incorporate a lot of group activities which are fun and there will always be a debrief on the learnings after each activity.  These group activities makes it easier for participants to apply the theory to the actual situation.  This experiences also helps build the foundation/or practical skills to handle issues or work related problems in the future. 


The trainers are knowledgeable and very professional. "

Nichole Choi
AVP HR, Malaysia


'We have received good and excellent feedback from the employees that the training session was interactive and bring values to them in workplace as well as their personal life.


Trainer, especially Neal was great in bringing up the training session and it’s very helpful.'

Francis Phan
Assistant Director, Group HR


"Bridge ICD's workshops are outstanding! Engaging, informative, and effective, they excel in every aspect. Participants rave about the engaging sessions, valuable content, and practical skills development.


Bridge ICD's commitment to excellence shines through in every workshop, with top trainers able to deliver real life scenarios and relatable experience with the audience”

Gengkan Athimoslam
Senior Executive HR


"I highly recommend Bridge ICD to any organization looking for quality training solutions. Their commitment to quality and expertise in their field make them an invaluable partner for HR professionals seeking to enhance their team's skills and knowledge.


Their service was impeccable and the trainers they provided were not only highly skilled but also maintained a high level of professionalism & engagement throughout."

Rebecca Benjaminm
Learning Manager


"As the Learning Manager at Danone, I've had the privilege of partnering with Bridge ICD to enhance our team's skills and knowledge. Their programs have consistently impressed us with their relevance, depth, and engagement.


Our employees have benefited greatly, not just in terms of professional development but also in contributing to our company's success.


I wholeheartedly recommend Bridge ICD to any organization seeking impactful training solutions."

Sherry Ng
Regional Commercial Assistant 


"Our Singapore office did a office retreat together with Malaysia and David was our course facilitator. Our main objective was to have better cohesion and communication between both teams and through various exercises, David managed to make both teams see a better perspective on working together.

I would highly recommend Bridge ICD for your organization. Its very well planned and the execution was perfect!"

Jaclyn K. Tay
MAKE Excellence Manager


“Our company, Kenvue has been engaging with Bridge ICD since 2022 for our team building sessions and they have absolutely delivered outstanding, well-planned and detailed programme! Bridge ICD and trainer, Neal, was remarkably friendly, dynamic and cultivated synergy among all participants, enabling them to unlock additional value and insights. The programme curated was very engaging, fun, and motivational.


Each moment was filled with interactive activities, valuable insights, and contagious enthusiasm. Highly recommend them for anyone seeking transformative learning experiences!"

Charlotte Bilney
Co - CEO


“Bridge organised a long weekend in Malaysia for our client-facing team with the overall aim of getting to know each other better, discovering our own and each other’s strengths and weaknesses and so helping us to better construct and manage the best teams for our clients. We also all wanted to have some fun together. The activities that Bridge developed for us were varied and fun and gave us a great deal of useful insight. The leader was inspiring and helped everyone to relax and get into the spirit of the event.


All in, it was a successful offsite for us.”

Vikram Sukumaran
Chief People Officer


"The content was well thought through with customizations and refinements that took close consideration and connected with the needs of our organization. Great facilitation of activities, learnings and games by passionate and experienced facilitators. We learnt many salient concepts and tools around organization effectiveness that were delivered in a fun and engaging manner through indoor and outdoor games.

At the end of the session, we walked away with a clearer connection to our transformation journey. We also understood and connected better with each other. There were interested learnings, concepts and tools that we had the opportunity to play and experiment with."

Jane Heng
Human Resources Manager


"Our experience with Bridge ICD for teambuilding was exceptional. The trainers curated activities tailored to our organization, emphasizing teamwork, trust and effective communication. Through interactive exercises, we discovered how to capitalize on each other's strength, fostering a stronger sense of camaraderie and collaboration among our eam members. 

We highly recommend Bridge ICD to any organization seeking to strengthen their team dynamics and drive performance through impactful teambuilding experiences. Their expertise, personalized approach and commitment to delivering impactful results make them a valuable partner in the full potential of any team."

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